TotalFlow Path

TotalFlow Path

Seamless end-to-end workflow

At Ricoh, we appreciate that your business can only thrive with systems that improve process and increase performance.

This means developing value-added services and automating as much as possible.

The challenge is how to do that with limited resources and budgets.

TotalFlow Path is the affordable and simple way to get applications talking to each other.

Think of it as a software backbone that connects production print environments.

So whether you’ve Ricoh TotalFlow software and/or a mix of thirdparty applications such as Web-to-Print, Prepress and VDP, you can integrate pplications seamlessly into an end-to-end-workflow.

By connecting silos of information it broadens the benefits of automation of manual tasks, print, prepress and VDP throughout your business.

It not only protects your investment in existing software and hardware but also improves your digital production efficiency.

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