PJ KU12000

Ideal for museums, art galleries and hotels as well as for signage and wall-based presentations, the sophisticated PJ KU12000 equips you with only top-class quality images. Enabling wider and sharper images to be sustained on an impressively big scale, this advanced projector helps you maximise the impact of your imagery. With the motorised lens-shift, you can switch projection vertically and horizontally without moving the projector and install at any angle. User-friendly, location-friendly – make your messages, installations or videos truly shine.

Features and benefits

With the PJ KU12000 on your presentation team, you can command more attention, improve understanding and communicate information more memorably. You can readily project onto cylindrical, spherical and differently shaped screens and still retain the quality of your imagery; the dual lamp enables you to avoid interruptions; you can coordinate multiple projectors; show two picture simultaneously; take advantage of an optional higher-grade colour wheel to add even more vibrancy. Discover the projector that can transform your views on presentation.

  • High brightness 12k lm, DLP (1-chip), dual lamp
  • High-quality wide-screen images – WUXGA
  • Project from any distance up to 77.6 metres
  • 360-degree projection
  • Align your image in the screen
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