Océ DFS30

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Océ DFS30

Produces tape bound documents after printing

The Océ DFS30 tape binder, when attached to one of Océ’s cutsheet printers, provides finishing and printing in one simple operation. It brings convenience and cost effective finishing to both commercial and corporate print environments.


  • Benefit from fast high volume printing
  • Tape binding and printing in one convenient process
  • Binds up to 120 sheets
  • Four tape strip colors
  • Simple tape cartridge replacement
  • Bypass to additional finisher


Paper Sizes Binding: A4 on the long edge
Bypass: 320 mm x 488 mm
Paper Weights Binding: 60 – 216 g/m²
Bypass: 60 – 300 g/m²
Tabs Flush cut tabs


Size 297 mm x 30 mm
Colors Black
Dark Blue
Cartridge 100 tapes per cartridge
5 cartridges per box (one color)


Binding Speed Minimum: 10 sheets
Optimum: 10 to 100 sheets consisting of 8 – 98 inner sheets (80 g/m²) and 2 cover sheets (up to 216 g/m²), or
Maximum: 101 – 120 sheets consisting of 99 – 118 inner sheets (80 g/m²) and 2 cover sheets (up to 216 g/m²) of normal Océ media types, subject to test
Binding Time 29 seconds per set


Stacker Holds up to 1,500 sheets:
Documents with 10 – 49 sheets:
a minimum of 30 sets
Documents with 50 – 100 sheets:
a minimum of 15 sets
Documents with 100 – 120 sheets:
a minimum of 12sets


Dimensions Width 869 mm
Depth 708 mm
Height 1,116 mm
Weight 160 kg
Power Supply 200 – 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Power save mode (sleep mode): 0 W
Standby mode: 325 W
Operating mode: 420 W
Warming up mode: 1,075 W
Warming up Time 2 minutes (maximum)


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